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II INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE CONFERENCE: Cancer, A dialogue Across Medical Fields




II INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE CONFERENCE: Cancer, A dialogue Across Medical Fields
This second Integrative Medicine conference to be organised by the Cultural Association of the
Dzogchen Community in Spain [Asociación Cultural de la Comunidad Dzogchen de España] and the
School of Tibetan Medicine of the Shang Shung Institute is aimed at raising awareness and sharing
the results of work undertaken by numerous Integrative Medicine professionals - both in Spain and
overseas. This field of medicine adopts a holistic approach to the treatment of patients and
combines techniques from traditional medicine with allopathic and complementary techniques.
The Conference (which will take place on 20, 21 and 22 March 2015 January at the Casal del Médico)
will be focused on the contributions made to the diagnosis and treatment of the oncologic illness by
allopathic, Chinese, homoeopathic and Tibetan approaches to medicine. Professionals from all areas
of medicine – oncology, nutrition, homoeopathy, diagnostic techniques, biodecoding, Chinese
medicine, Tibetan medicine, etc. - will take part in the event.
Integrative Medicine adopts an inclusive approach that combines the therapies of conventional
medical treatments with alternative treatments and those from traditional medicine in a way that
considers not only the physical symptoms but also the psychological and social symptoms, as well as
all other possible factors affecting the patient.
In short, it is a method that places the emphasis on treating the person as a whole; an inclusive
approach that facilitates management of the illness at all levels.
This Conference aims to encourage dialogue and discussion between professionals working in
various fields of medicine in different parts of the world, and to connect professionals from
Catalonia with others working on similar initiatives.
The event is open to the general public and professionals, patients and their families.

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